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“Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and at any age. Nearly 400,000 people in the United States will suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest this year. Time is precious when a person has a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. As a society, we have made great strides in placing AEDs in schools and public places. However, too few people have been trained to administer CPR or use AEDs. Yet survival is often dependent on how fast CPR is started and the AED is applied. Great organizations like Gavin’s Got Heart are providing the resources to train high school students to use AEDs and administer CPR. The life they save may be mine or yours.”

—  Barry E. Goldberg, MD, FACC, FAAP, FASE • Chief, Pediatric Cardiology Southside Hospital  —

“Gavin’s Got Heart has helped to support families of cardiac babies in our newborn intensive care unit. They made a significant financial donation to a family struggling with twins, one of whom had a cardiac and genetic condition so that the mother could take some additional time off from her job. The gift bags they put together at Christmas time delighted the parents of hospitalized newborns. It means so much to families to know that others who have travelled the same road are thinking of them and their babies.”

—  Irene J. Sprung  —
LCSW, Senior Social Worker • Neonatal Intensive Care, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

“Gavin’s Got Heart is a foundation started by incredible people with huge hearts that want to give back. Each fundraiser gives back to families who are financially challenged with high medical bills from children who have had heart surgeries. The organization continues to grow and give back to people in need!”

—  Natalia M.  

“We feel truly blessed and thankful for Gavin’s Got Heart, they came at a very difficult moment both emotionally and financially. Thanks to their help and support it has made the road to recovery for our family at lot easier and we hope they are able to help other families as much as they helped us.”

—  Zuleima Diaz  

“Gavin’s Got Heart is an incredible organization and has partnered with us in providing assistance to families in need. The Single Ventricle Clinic at Columbia University Medical Center was recently established to take care of patients with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a particularly severe form of congenital heart disease. Patients who frequent this clinic have multiple medical challenges and require frequent follow up appointments with several medical specialists. The families not only have to struggle with balancing the complex medical environment but face numerous financial burdens. Gavin’s Got Heart helps many of these families by providing financial assistance with transport and parking expenses. Our families are always grateful when they receive support from helping hands and loving hearts. We at Columbia are so grateful to be partners with Gavin’s Got Heart.”

—  Ganga Krishnamurthy M.D. —
Director, Neonatal Cardiac Care • New York Presbyterian’s Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

“We were introduced to Gavin’s Got Heart only a few weeks after our unborn son was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which will require him to have 3 open heart surgeries before he is in Kindergarten. We were devastated and among a huge list of emotions we were also worried about our finances. When Gavin’s Got Heart’s Nicole and Greg heard our concerns they sponsored our family for 2 amazing fundraisers, which were huge successes and raised thousands of dollars for us. That money allowed my husband to be out of work for the 2 plus weeks our son was in the hospital after his first open heart surgery. It also allowed me to take a leave of absence from work so I could care for Kylde. Having the worry about our finances taken away was the biggest blessing during such a stressful and emotional time. Gavin’s Got Heart really helped our family during one of the most difficult times of our lives. They are a blessing and a huge support for families who are dealing with the unthinkable.”

—  The Graham Family  —